“Ideally, since 80 percent of your life is spent working, you should start your business around something that is a passion of yours. If you're into kite surfing and you want to become an entrepreneur, do it with kite surfing. If you can indulge in your passion, life will be far more interesting than if you’re just working. You’ll work harder at it and you’ll know more about it.”

– Richard Branson, CEO/Founder, The Virgin Group. (August 2006, Business 2.0)


If Richard Branson is correct and 80 percent of our life is spent at work, we might as well have fun doing it. At Phoenix Marketing Communications, it’s all about passion.

Phoenix provides B2B public relations and marketing services to companies seeking to grow by raising awareness, building leadership and developing new business opportunities. Our focus areas are technology, professional services, financial services and media/research companies.

We pride ourselves on being both smart businesspeople and seasoned communications professionals. At Phoenix, we have a track record of successful campaigns because we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses. We firmly believe that your success will be our success. We understand that bottom-line results will be the single most important factor for our clients and we strive to meet expectations.

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