Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that
there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity
and are able to turn both to their advantage.
- Niccolo Machievelli

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Executive Bio

Executive Bio

Yin Chang
Phoenix Marketing Communications

A strategic, hands-on communications professional, Yin Chang has a proven track record for creating and implementing successful communications campaigns that have met and, in many cases, exceeded, her clients’ business objectives.  After nearly 15 years working for others, Yin founded Phoenix Marketing Communications to, in the words of Richard Branson, “do something you love.”  Phoenix specializes in providing public relations and marketing services to emerging and Fortune 1000 companies.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industries, Yin has extensive experience in the technology, professional services, advertising/media and financial services industries. Agresso, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), American Telemarketing Association, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Stock Exchange, Arbitron Inc., Buchanan & Associates, Cynergy Data, Fundtech, IEEE Security & Privacy, IEEE Spectrum, Instinet, iQor, Kraft Foods, McDonald’s Corporation, Miro Consulting, Motorola, Optibase, Ricoh Corporation, Scarborough Research, Technology Service Solutions, Time Warner Cable, Time America, Vibe Solutions Group and many others. 

Prior to founding Phoenix, Yin headed the Global Technology Practice at KCSA Worldwide. She also worked at two of the top U.S. communications firms, Ruder-Finn and Golin/Harris. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pace University, New York. 

Future Events

Future Events


Past Events

October 2007
Fight of the Century: Sales Versus Marketing
Morgan Business Solutions and Phoenix Marketing Communications duke it out in the ring to see if sales or marketing should or could win.  The focus of this webinar is how sales and marketing can work together to affect the bottom line.  Click here to watch and listen to the replay.




"When Phoenix first started, they had a lot to prove. I’d work with companies that made all the right promises, but never delivered.  Now, working with Phoenix, I have a reliable team I can trust who works hard and isn’t afraid to say “it isn’t going to work.”   Phoenix is passionate about our business.  So much so that I think of Yin as our de facto CMO."
Scott Rosenberg, CEO and founder, Miro Consulting

"Yin Chang and the professional staff at Phoenix rapidly grasp the key features of complex new technologies that will interest journalists and produce coverage - and for a high-tech software company like Exsys that's crucial."
Dustin Huntington, CEO Exsys Inc.

“I'm sure Yin can spin with the best of them as a PR person, but from my viewpoint as a client, she was all straight talk, clear explanations, and well-thought-out recommendations--leavened with humor, wit, and a healthy interest in people, places, and technology.”
Steven Cherry, Senior Associate Editor, IEEE Spectrum magazine

“For seven years, Yin helped to service and build our technology practice -- and manage me! She is ultra dedicated, the consummate hard worker and a highly effective marketing and PR professional. She has my respect, thanks and unwavering gratitude for a job well done.”
Henry Feintuch, Managing Partner, KCSA Worldwide

“Yin was great in helping to deliver the IEEE team and content to Comdex.”
Dave Rosenberg (formerly Executive Programs Director, COMDEX/MediaLive International), CEO, MuleSource


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